Titus 2:5 admonishes older women to teach younger women to "be keepers" at home, among other things. Be Keepers will challenge girls to think about the things that are truly valuable instead of being caught up in passing distractions.

my goals:

1. To teach girls to be virtuous and skilled

2. To strengthen the mother/daughter relationship

3. To encourage a love for God and a personal relationship with Him

Please Keep in Mind

1. BeKeepers is a ministry of me, myself, and I. I am not commissioned by my church, employer, husband, husband's employer, alma mater, or any other entity. These are my findings and opinions and I am solely responsible for them. You may agree or disagree but I love you still the same. I haven't yet found any person with whom I agree completely, but disagreeing does not have to end relationships. I encourage moms to read the blog with young daughters and use it as a time to teach them what you believe on the issue. Glean what you will.

2. Comments will be monitored.  I want this to be a pleasant place for girls to learn and explore without being upset by someone with an ax to grind. You may send me a private message if there is something that truly needs to be brought to my attention. 

3. I am an observant person and I record instances of how things were handled correctly and incorrectly for illustrative purposes. Please don't always assume I am talking about myself, my husband, children, parents, or especially YOU. The point is the point, not the perpetrator.

4. I cannot, of course, sanction everything connected to any link I may post. 

5. Though the blog is targeted at teenage girls, I fully expect people of all ages, male and female, to subscribe.  After all, we could all use practical information about how to take care of ourselves and our homes.  I will likely eventually have segments directed specifically at boys and men.

I hope you learn a lot about yourself, God's design for your life, and the endless possibilities in allowing Him to work through you.

Let's get started!