Stocking Up: 2 Lists That Keep Your Home Supplied

It's that time of year again!

Time for me to stock up on cosmetics.  I have been stocking up in January and July instead of having to go across the store to the cosmetic department every time we run out of something. It is nice to not have to keep track of what is running low.  It makes a lot more sense to always have the next item on hand and not create the need for an emergency trip to the store. It also makes my shopping trips quicker so I can spend my time on more important things.  Cosmetics have a long shelf life anyway so it works well, if you have the storage space. 

I do have to budget $200 for January and July to do this. Cosmetics add up quickly, especially when you are buying razor blades and expensive facial products, but your monthly budget all the other months will be displaced by that amount. Couponers can get by on less but I just don't have time. Been there. Done that. There are times in your life when your time is more valuable than your money so you need to let your money work for you. Of course, you could coupon just before stocking up if it is worth the time and money you'd have to invest. 

I stock up on household supplies in April and October which puts me stocking up on one list or the other every three months. I have timed it to hit during my slightly less expensive and less busy times of the year. I copy and paste the master list into a new document and take inventory, adjusting the amounts needed according to what was left over from last time. Then I print that list and go shopping.

Below is my cosmetic list (minus a few items like personal products and make-up) followed by my household items list. There are items that I may have to replenish before the six months is up but it is nice to have back-ups on hand while they last. This list is for a family of four and quantities and products change as the children get older.

It is not feasible to stock up on some items like laundry soap and toilet paper because of limited storage space. Plus you would have to make a trip just for that item since six months worth would fill your whole cart by itself. And imagine the funny looks you would get pushing a cart full of toilet paper! Paper goods and cleansers are usually close to the grocery items in the store anyway so it is no trouble to buy them as needed.

You could copy these lists and add and subtract items to make it your own. It's good to include the specific brands, sizes, and even the prices so you can spot a good deal. I left a few details on the list for examples.

I hope these lists help you to save time and 🐝be prepared.

6 month supply
Buy in January & July

anti-perspirant/deodorant 6
hand soap at every sink 6
men's body wash 4
women's body wash 4
moisturizer 1
facial cleanser 2
eye make-up remover 1
lip balm 2
contact solution 2

cotton balls 200
cotton face pads 200
cotton swabs 750
non-acetone nail polish remover 1/year

flossers 300
toothpaste 4
mouth rinse 1

aerosol hairspray 2
spritz hairspray 2
hair gel 2
mousse 1
shampoo 5
conditioner 3

aftershave 1
men's shave gel 6
men's razor blades 6
women's shave gel 7
women's travel shave gel  2
women's razor blades 6

Household Items:
6 month supply
Buy in April & October

  allergy medicine (antihistamine) 1
  adhesive bandages 1
  cough medicine 1
  cough drops 2    
  hydrocortisone 1    
  pain reliever 1    
  cold medicine 1
  dry eye drops 1 

  vent filters (14x20) 8
  light bulbs (60W) 4 

  tape dispenser refills 2    
  printer ink (Epson WF-3530) #126 or 127
  copy paper 2
  sticky notes 1
  postage stamps 3 sheets

  gift bags 4
  gift wrap--all occasions 1
  tissue paper 1
  male birthday cards 5/year    
  female birthday cards 10/year    
  sympathy cards 12/year
  new baby cards 4/year    
  graduation cards 5
  wedding cards 4/year
  kid birthday cards 7girl/7boy/year    
  anniversary cards 7/year    

  small Kleenex packs 2
  aluminum foil 1
  cellophane 1
  wax paper 1
  parchment paper 1    
  snack bags 1
  sandwich bags 1
  freezer bags --quart 1
  freezer bags--gallon 2
  bathroom cups 1

  scouring pads 1    
  hand dishwashing detergent 6
  dishwasher rinse aid 3
  bathroom cleanser 1
  bathroom cleanser wipes 2
  toilet cleanser 3
  glass cleaner 2
  furniture polish 1    
  spray stain remover 1
  spray starch 2